Q: When will my order ship?

A: We typically ship orders within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after the order has been placed. Actual transit times can vary based on your specific location anywhere from 2-6 days once it leaves our facility.

Q: Will a Trail Logic steering kit work with my drop pitman arm?

A: Maybe, but usually the answer is no. All of our kits are designed around a factory pitman arm. (TJ/LJ owners should check to make sure that they have the correct pitman arm as there were two different styles that came from the factory)

Q: Can you ship my parts bare steel instead of powder coated?

A: We no longer offer bare steel parts. Everything we build comes in a kick-ass black powder coat for durability and longevity. It can easily be sanded down or roughed up a bit and painted another color if you would like to do that!

Q: What size drill bit do i need for my knuckles/pitman arm?

A: JK Kits: 3/4" drill bit

    XJ/MJ/ZJ Kits: 5/8" drill bit

    TJ/LJ Kits: 5/8" drill bit

Q: What size drill bit and tap do i need to install the 3-link system on my XJ/MJ?

A: You will need a 27/64" drill bit and a 1/2" NC thread tap for the new crossmember bolts.

Q: Do you offer any sponsorship opportunities?

A: Very rarely. Seeing ROI from sponsorship is unlikely. Unless you are finishing on the podium at KOH or have a front row SEMA build going on, we probably aren't going to give you free parts. We are a small but growing business and as we grow we may revisit some of these policies and do more with this, but for now we simply aren't.